Carrying Our Crosses

Understanding the 4th Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary



I’m a new Catholic – Just four years into the faith. As you can imagine, I am still quite new to the praying of the Rosary.

What is Your Cross?

When most Christians reflect on Luke 14:27, they automatically arrive at notions of the cross (that Jesus commanded us to carry) being the cross of responsibilities (eg. Parenthood, marriage, job), diseases, old age and Christian persecution.

Seeing Sin in a Different Light

I have often conversed with Christians who in spite of being good-willed and kind-hearted, find no space in their hearts for the disenfranchised – especially those they perceive to be in a sorry state due to their ‘own making’.


Two of my more ornate rosaries. In truth, I prefer the simple wooden ones. 😌👍🏻



Counsellor, Writer (Christianity, Children’s short stories)

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