Crash Landing On You — Drama Review

An entertaining and emotional ride

Denise Thong
5 min readFeb 12, 2020


I am a big fan of both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin so when Netflix released this drama series I felt like I hit jackpot.

It is a confirm must-watch for me. Now that the 16 part series is coming to a close, here’s a quick review.

Plot Synopsis and Review

A South Korean Heiress, Yoon Se Ri, (played by Son Ye Jin) got whirled away in a paragliding accident to North Korea. There, she was rescued by a handsome North Korean soldier, Ri Jeong Hyeok (played by Hyun bin). He brought her into his home to protect her and plan for her transport back to the South. The two quickly fell in love.

OKAY, this is the general plot. I am not going to go much into the details lest I review too many spoilers.

I guess some of you may find it rather unremarkable but here are some reasons why this drama is so amazingly entertaining:

1. Comedy was weaved in at every opportunity.

So most of us are aware that North Korea is poor and do not have much access to technology. Poverty can be a very heavy and unpleasant topic but the writer managed to tease out the ‘romantic’ and ‘comedic’…



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