Margaret the Ordinary Part One

The fictional story of an ordinary woman

Denise Thong


Source: Natalya Zaritskaya,


This is the story of Margaret.

She is an average Jane Doe, 37 years-old, married, with one young son. She works as a clinic assistant at a family clinic.

There is nothing remarkable about Margaret.

In her spare time, Margaret binges on Korean romantic drama. A part of her fantasises about being whisked away by some charming Korean gentleman.

Source: Abdul Gani M,

No, her marriage is not abusive and she does not need rescuing per se.

I take that back, I was being mean. Perhaps she does need rescuing — from downright boredom and monotony.

She is no doubt ashamed of this immoral and dreamy part of herself. She keeps it well hidden from her consciousness and proudly wears the persona of a responsible, faithful wife and loving mother.

Moving forward — Margaret is growing older, and she knows it.

Every morning she wakes up, looks at the mirror and observes how many new lines she has acquired.

She wonders, “Is this all life has to offer? I am wasting away. My beauty trickles away like a leaky pipe. Why am I so unsatisfied?”

Source: Pickawood,

To cope, she indulges in aimless shopping on the ‘Shopee’ app. Her shopping cart is filled with beauty products, clothes and make up. Some she checks out most she does not. The logical, frugal side of her holds her back.

Her best friend, a Medical Doctor, enjoys finer beauty procedures such as body sculpting, botox, eye lash extensions and eye brow tattoos.

These procedures are far more than Margaret’s modest salary can afford her. She is secretly envious.

The critical part of her muses, “It is all a lost cause anyway. You are aging. And that cannot be stopped. What are you so worried about anyway? You are…



Denise Thong

Counsellor, Writer (Christianity, Children’s short stories)