Enneagram answers

Denise Thong


“What does safety mean to you?”

1) “Discipline, doing what is right, living by my values. God will look after me when I live rightly. At least I stay clear from the scourge of sin.”

2) “Love. Love is my safety. Being in the protective arms of my loved ones. I feel safe.”

3) “For me, it’s building a sustainable business, grooming a staff able to carry their weight even in my absence.”

4) “Safety is found in being me. Being uniquely me. I want to feel safe to unleash all of my quirkiness and let them dance around in the rain.”

5) “Safety is in knowledge. If I know enough, I’d be safe. When it comes to knowledge, I like both breath and depth. I’m a polymath.”

6) “Safety comes from having good boundaries from thinking through the what ifs.”

7) “Safety is when I have enough resources to travel and explore the world. I feel trapped and unsafe when I have to limit my experiences to my current location.”

8) “Safety lies in power. The power to lord over others and determine one’s fate”

9) “Safety lies in having a safe place to rest and think about nothing. Safety is a mental state not a physical place. I carry it with me wherever I go.”



Denise Thong

Counsellor, Writer (Christianity, Children’s short stories)