The Girl and the Ice Cream Shop

A short children’s story

Denise Thong
5 min readNov 13, 2020


Source: Sarah Gualtieri,

There was once a little girl who had a loving mother.

They were poor but the mother made it a point to put healthy food on the table daily.

One day, when the girl was 10, her mother said, “You are now big enough to help me with some chores. You shall accompany me to the supermarket to carry the groceries.”

Together, they walked to the nearby supermarket.

When they arrived, the mother asked the girl to wait outside with the shopping trolley as she went in to pick up some groceries.

Now, this supermarket was not just any supermarket. It was a special supermarket.

It was located right beside the most luxurious ice cream shop in town.

Source: Lamu Roscu,

The ice cream shop created the most indulgent and decadent ice cream bowls and catered to the richest, most pampered children in town.

The little girl was mesmerised. She stood outside the ice cream shop and peeked at the little girls and boys inside.

They were dressed in the finest clothing and had the most outlandish looking bags and shoes.

She wondered to herself, “How does this ice cream taste like? Will it be out of this world?”

Soon, the mother came out with bags of groceries and loaded them into the shopping trolley.

She turned to the girl said, “Do you know that one bowl of that ice cream is enough to pay for an entire week’s of groceries?”

The little girl was flabbergasted.

Day after day, the mother brought the little girl to the supermarket and asked her to wait outside as she shopped.

One day, as the little girl was waiting, she saw a beautiful young girl march out of the ice cream store with a bowl of barely eaten ice cream in her hands.

The beautiful girl walked straight to the open bin and threw the ice cream bowl right into it.



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