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A cloistered life

You could say that I lead a fairly cloistered life. I spend most of my time at home and around my estate. I guess a lifestyle like this is to be expected of me – a stay at home mum of a 17 months old baby. But yes, I do occasionally long for a holiday. I long to be in a new place; to be free to explore a new city.

Particularly, after my viewing of the mystery series Elementary, a modern rendition of Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, I have developed a strange interest in the city of New York. I want to visit New York. Suffice to say, given my current circumstances, it is quite an impossibility.

Elementary – Modern Day Sherlock Holmes

The Library Visit

On a recent visit to the library, wheeling my son in his pram, I allowed myself the indulgence of visiting the travel section. I found myself a guidebook of New York replete with photographs of various landmarks. I flipped randomly to a page and allowed myself a five minute read of some interesting facts pertaining to the Empire State building.

Source: Pixabay – Empire State Building

Somewhere in the middle of my reading, my son managed to inch his pram close enough to the book shelf to pick up a book. It was filled with words and completely without pictures. Yet, very curiously, that book kept him entertained for a good ten minutes, allowing me ten more indulgent minutes to fill my mind with interesting details of New York.

I left the library feeling gleeful that day. I felt lucky that I had been given the gift of fifteen minutes to indulge my wanderlust. In a strange way, I felt like I had just visited New York personally and flew back. Odd.

My Past Travels

In my earlier years, I travelled a great deal, for leisure, work and competition (I used to do a fair bit of Taekwondo sparring). My travels took me all around South East Asia, Korea, Japan, Australia and even to London and Norway.

I should have enjoyed those travels more. But I was always poorly prepared. As with most people in their twenties, I was busy juggling the many commitments in my life and had barely any time to research enough about a place to appreciate it in all it’s glory.

In addition, in spite of outwardly success, I was at quite a low point in my life. I did not have many friends and I was not close to any of my family members. My poor psychological and emotional health created a large barrier between myself and the beauty. I could never harness as much joy from my travels as I ought to.

What I did do quite efficiently was to snap a whole lot of inane photographs for social media. This created the illusion that I was well travelled and worldly. For me, at that juncture in my life, that was enough.

Looking Forward

I do not see myself travelling a great deal in the years to come. My family need me and at the moment, finances are tight. In the event that I am given the privilege of travelling, I wish to be fully prepared.

Source: Pixabay – Library

I wish to have read all about the history of the places I am to visit. I wish to know so much about those places that when I finally set my eyes on them; when my finger tips finally caress the tiles and stone; when I finally inhale the scent of the place, I would fully appreciate every bit of beauty within my grasp.

To that end, I attempt to travel the world first in my mind. Perhaps, in the months to come, I would surreptitiously slip a few library visits into my weekly routine and pray that my son remains cooperative.

What a joy it is to have the world at our fingertips.



Counsellor, Writer (Christianity, Children’s short stories)

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